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‘Pre-T’ British Military Omega Seamaster 300


Quite recently, a 5513/7 milsub sold at auction for 350K USD. I understand that. Two Russian oil magnates drunk on free Krug champagne with one man in Oakleys laundering money for Sinaloa and sky’s the limit for valuations. However, what I will never understand is just why Omega’s broad-handed 300 results pale in comparison. Released in the same period to the same armed forces and fit for the same missions, yet trading hands an order of magnitude below the coronet. Is this all brand recognition (TL:DR, probably)? Does the SM300 look too similar to its civilian counterpart? One thing is for certain: naval and military Seamaster 300s are a historically important, hugely understated offering which seem yet to find their market footing.


Mil-spec Seamasters vary from the commercial model in three possible ways: a circled T on the dial (to indicate Tritium), fixed spring-bar case, and an engraving on the back. This W10 engraved example indicates issue to the military in 1967, well before the circle T variant arose (late 1968). This has been confirmed by Omega and this watch ships with an Extract of Archive. All we know is that this is a watch which served its country. The intervening years remain a mystery. But we know it’s tough, it survived. The lumed even survived without cracking across its big triangle—a substantial chunk of dial real estate.


When one considers what this watch has been through it’s doubly gorgeous. Condition doesn’t really matter to the value of these pieces much but this one is exceptional and documented. Circled-T dials are probably generally considered more desirable for their differentiation factor, but this does predate them. Considering that multiple examples have auctioned above 80000 GBP, it could even be said to be something of a value.


Impressively, the correct bakelite lumed bezel is completely intact on this example. The same can be said of its expansive tritium plots, all mached evenly. Its case is sharp. It comes with correct engravings and an extract from a reputable large retailer.

Find this Military Seamaster 300 here from Xupes Watches for 38000 GBP.

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