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Pre-Daytona Rolex 6238


Rolex AD hype appears to be all the community is capable of discussing right now. Yes, they’re a luxury marque. The antidote? Open yourself to the beautiful world of vintage ownership. Although it’s a perilous and much, much more fraught endeavor, vintage offers so much value even despite its recent rise. If you’re going vintage, why not also give it some personality. Case in point here? The 6263 says you know vintage Rolex, you probably like watches and are not merely rich, but nothing more. This Pre-Daytona speaks volumes about understatement, simplicity, and elegance. If only Rolex would keep those words in mind for their retail experience today.


I’ve written before about the legacy of the Daytona and how the failed Cosmograph became a motorsport trophy, then an icon. This is one step away from the generation of Cosmograph that attracted its motorsport affiliations. This was a harbinger of great things to come. Today, understated 36mm case shouts less than even the modern OP. There are no walls of text on the dial, no ceramic components, and no screw down pushers. This is essence of modern Rolex chronograph design with a Valjoux 72, no more and no less.


This example leaves little to be desired. Its case is not perfect but shows bevels and shape of the lugs. The dial is perfectly aged with all tritium pips remaining attached. It is said to be running well, the movement appears clear of corrosion. It comes as a naked watch from a reputable retailer.

Find this 6238 here from 41 Watch listed as POA.

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