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Piaget 908 C4 Clous de Paris Ultra-Thin


I adore when the market allows me to present something a bit left-of-center and eclectic watches don’t come much more elegant that this 1970s ultra-thin, mechanical Piaget. In the period where quartz was ruining the foundations of Switzerland, Piaget doubled-down by creating an ultra-thin, highly-finished, caliber 9P. Despite their massive efforts, the watch today goes almost completely unnoticed, even by most watch enthusiasts. That’s the sort of sleeper vintage watch that I simply cannot resist. Modern Submariners be damned, this is a watch exclusively for true watch lovers.


The 908 was a staple of Piaget’s lineup in the mid 70s. The huge style of this piece (and its success) were made possible by the caliber 9P, a decorated mechanical movement that measures just 2mm tall. The case seen here measures just 23 x 29mm, a tad smaller and more Square than say a Reverso. This case is made more special by a decorating style important to Piaget: Clous de Paris. The watch is covered in a series of tiny geometic pyramids across its case, dial, and bezel. That finish was made by hand with a lathe. That’s truly incredible when you study the symmetry that artisan achieved. Spectacular work. If this is a style that suits your taste, I don’t think much else will do.


As examples go, this is strong. Comparison is a bit useless because, well, good luck finding another on the market. The small polished sections on its face and sides are strong and originally finished. The face and dial are perfect. The white gold back shows light wear consistent with a loving owner. It comes without a box or papers from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this 908 C4 here from Watchworks Haarlem for 4250 EUR.

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