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Mk2 Enicar Sherpa Graph 072/001


For many, a huge attraction to any sub-genre of watch collecting is the community which forms around it. Rolex and Patek collectors, with their relatively recent mainstream appreciation, cover the spectrum of humanity. Some of the very best of us, some . . .well, not. When a marque becomes synonymous with luxury itself bad things can happen. On the other hand, I have found Enicar people to be almost without exception lovely. Thoughtful interactions from a tight-knit group (@vandervenus, @watchfred, @the_second_hand_, @kicktoc, @_jimjupiter, and @enicar_forums, I’m looking at you). If you’re looking to zero-in on a collecting journey that will be enjoyable, not ruinously expensive, and feature some of the very best underrated pieces around, this is my commission-free pitch to go Enicar.

The Sherpa Graph was Enicar’s automotive, aviation, and lightweight-watersports offering. Stirling Moss and Jim Clark were strapped with Enicar Sherpa Graphs whilst Jack Heuer and Steve Mcqueen were metaphorically in diapers. Brand ambassadors in this watch’s domain don’t come stronger. The model sustained Enicar through the 60s in full, until production ceased in 1970 in the looming Quartz Crisis. It incorporated a 40mm EPSA compressor case with bayonet lock and Valjoux 72.


This Mk2(b) was introduced in 1964 and though not limited, very few survive in strong condition today. Total production is estimated at just 600 examples. It featured the delicious lollipop chrono hand, applied Saturn logo, and squared-off tritium handset.

This example appears to be entirely original to my amateur eye. The crowns are correct for the 2b designation, its dial also. The tritium is echoed from the dial to its handset in a golden tone. The same gold is picked up again in a highly-faded tachy bezel, green-gold-yellow and marvelous. It is said to be running well and comes from a reputable retailer.


Find this Mk2 Sherpa Graph here from Vision Vintage for 5950 GBP.

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