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Meister-Signed 14755-61 Omega Seamaster 300


The Seamaster 300 story began in 1957 with the CK2913. In that first Seamaster 300, Omega had created a reliable water resistance with handsome lines that recalled naval pieces of WWII, decades earlier. It was a monumental success, one which Omega built upon in this iconic, oft-overlooked second generation ref. 14755. As if that weren’t enough, this rough-and-tumble example has a double signature from a scarcely seen Swiss jeweler. Tiffany 5711 be damned; resale no factor, give me a Meister SM300.


Never one to rest on laurels, Omega built upon the CK2913 with this 14755 beginning mid-1961. In a move straight from Omega’s current handbook, they slimmed down the 38mm case’s thickness. This gives a ‘down-wrist’ profile that is outright modern. Omega also introduced a minute narrow-arrow hand, the exact reverse of the handset designed for the 2913 with its broad-hour hand. This was intended to make minutes more easily readable at a glance whilst submerged, to be viewed in tandem with a bakelite bezel. This generation goes by many monikers, among them ‘thin bezel’ and ‘transitional’ (though the latter mostly reserved for latter dial variants). In addition, the watch now featured Omega’s 24-jewel (seven more than other comparable movements) automatic calibre 550/552. Some view this as one of Omega’s last 500 series movements, executed before a cost-reduction effort to mass produce automatic calibres. The constant evolution and beauty ran more than skin deep, clearly.


Meister, a Swiss jewelry retailer, would order batches of popular references with signed dials from Omega. However, they did so in far smaller quantities than what we’re used to seeing from Türler-Omega or Tiffany-Omega. It is a niche and quirky signature, but undoubtedly a desirable dial.


The watch itself is a hard-worn but cared for one. Its case is full with surface wear visible at a mid-level degree throughout. Its dial has begun to degrade to a grey tone in many areas, whether by UV or moisture I know not. That said, it is even and not unattractive in character. The desirable bakelite bezel has long since departed from this case, nowhere to be found. Its handset is lovely as are the radium plots. Minimum burn. The crown has the correct flat feet logo. It comes recently serviced from a well-regarded private collector with extract on order.

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