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Lip Genève Reverse Panda ‘Carrera’ Chronograph


Everyone loves an unfussy, two-register, 1960s Carrera analog. Everyone. We find them from Leonidas, Zodiac, Clebar, and even Sears (yes, that Sears). Lip, the quirky and often flamboyant French manufacture, used to make some more reserved designs. Among them: this somewhat classic two-register reverse panda.


The simple design was available in a 36mm steel case with a variety of dial variants and movements. At various times, the watch would be fitted with a Valjoux 7730, 7733, 7734, Landeron, or Venus calibre. This one weighs in with a black dial, straight indices, silver subdials, and an unsigned crown. Though the watch has no haute pretensions, it is becoming somewhat collected. Those who adore the Heuer Carrera (which I find to possibly be one of the most iconic and clean chronographs ever imagined) seek its charm in all guises. I can’t blame them.


This example has a sharp case with surface wear and one small pit. Its back is brushed with an engraving clearly visible, one small scratch. The dial appears entirely original with its handset faded. All is well as far as my eye is capable of discerning. It comes from a small, well-regarded retailer.

Find this Lip Chronograph here from Watch Garage for 1900 EUR.

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