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Domino’s-Signed 14000 Rolex Air-King


Somewhere inside the Venn diagram of horological significance, pop culture, and master-level trolling lies this: the very elusive Domino’s-signed Air-King. The standard Air-King is an oft-overlooked, undersized, and restrained bit of Rolex sporting metal. The reference ran from 1989 to 1999. Inside that timeline, Domino’s was flying higher than ever. To commemorate the work of longstanding employees, monetary overachievers, and as a means of motivation, the pizza primacy commissioned small runs of signed Air-Kings as gifts. The watch is now quite sought after, which will come as no surprise.


When a franchise holder exceeded 20K USD in weekly sales, congratulations were in order. This watch would be presented to this owner with a note reading, ‘You are now part of a select group that wears a Domino’s Pizza Rolex Oyster watch as a banner of achievement. The Rolex Oyster is an instrument of supreme quality, one of the world’s most sought-after fine watches.’ Very prescient of them. The example shown here features a champagne ‘straight’ logo dial, slightly rarer than the more often seen tilted square signature.

This oddity appeals to a certain type of nostalgic enthusiast who tends to be either a lover of American pizza or accumulator of all things Rolex and rare. The Domino’s Air-King certainly fulfills each category. No one know exact production numbers, but a handful of examples come to market every year. Later-era Domino’s Air-Kings had only a stamped bracelet with removable steel patch, something much less enjoyable than this physical dial signature. If you seriously lust for a Domino’s Air-King, you are a patron of the peculiar and probably quite deep in Wilsdorf already. I wouldn’t be surprised if the eventual next owner of this 14000 also wears a star dial 6062. But then little surprises me in this Rolex world anymore. Earned watches are increasingly a collected category and this Air-King is truly royalty in that bunch.


This example dates to 1990 and is in a strong state. The case is sharp, its dial is clear of degradation, and it even comes with all the original accompanying box/papers/note. It comes on an Oyster bracelet from a well regarded retailer.

Find this Domino’s 14000 here from Watchworks Haarlem for 12500 EUR.

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