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Decimal Dial 2447D Heuer Carrera Second Execution


The three-register Carrera is one of the most adaptable and iconic chronographs to ever house a Valjoux 72. Many will think of the 2447 as a clean, minimalist, and scale-less chronograph. But that’s not entirely accurate, the Carrera is not one dial. Scratch the surface of On the Dash and you will see, the 2447 came with tachymeter scales, pulsometer scales, yachting dials, and even the uncommon decimal dial seen here. Not only is this Carrera a little left-of-center for its chronograph scale, but for very desirable eggshell subdials contrasted against a silver dial. This is a minimalist chronograph that is made in its detail, something a bit paradoxical but undeniably handsome.


Decimal scales were broken down in increments of 10s rather than 60ths. This was geared to help scientist and researchers more easily work with units or percentages per hour. For example, if we observe that some Rolex service center can polish 6 watches by the time the chronograph hand is at the 90 mark, we know that they are capable of committing 400 of those same atrocious crimes per hour (i.e. (9/10)=(6/(x/60))). Decimal dials are one of the least common variants of Carrera 12 and, though not related to motorsport or yachting, do change the character of the watch to something a bit more austere and clinical.


For the sake of clarity, some will have heard of the eggshell Carrera, a grail amongst grails for Heuer collectors. This is not that (the distinction being subdials vs the whole dial in eggshell). However, the eggshell subdials contrasted against a silver dial is not a common variant, and particularly attractive to my eye. Then there’s the legendary Valjoux 72, beyond criticism. Its 36mm Ervin Piquerez SA case was selected by Jack Heuer for its elongated diamond lugs, a case unlike most which I just adore. For what is a restrained aesthetic, there’s a lot of detail to love in this 2447D.


This example is honest, not perfect, but with bravado where it counts. To start on the pros, its case is very full, with sharp lugs and an attractive level of surface wear. The dial is not perfect but not abused. There is light spotting, a handstrike or two in subdials, and mild even patina throughout. That’s not something that should detract massively in my view, a bit of character. What I quite like is that the provenance is clear, it came to its previous owner by his father as a university graduation gift in 1983. It now comes to market from a well-regarded German retailer.

Find this 2447D here from Watchurbia for 8900 EUR.

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