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Cyma Multi-Scale Chronograph in Yellow Gold


It is always refreshing to find a vintage chronograph that has not only survived, but aged gracefully. However, when a fine wine condition is paired with this triple stepped case and muti-scale dial, I just can’t say no to a feature. Cyma are a now (basically) defunct, under-the-radar vintage manufacture who didn’t quite have the reserves to make it through the quartz crisis. Despite the tragedy of their collapse, we are left with some truly attractive early designs. Much like Universal Genève, but perhaps a bit less so, the manufacture is gathering favor recently as collectors peer deeper and deeper into the obscure vintage marks. Although the Cyma didn’t invent the micro-rotor or automatic chronograph, I’d venture to say this multi-scale speaks for itself.


Cyma started way way back in 1862 with the aim of making watches from components supplied by various other Swiss manufactures. They later partnered with Tavannes in the early 1900s to produces a majority of their parts and so became a proper player in the Swiss industry. This chronograph is a post-partnership watch and a rare variety: in yellow gold with blued steel hands. The 18K yellow gold case is a nearly-moden 37.5mm. Running a commonplace Valjoux 22, replacement components and service wouldn’t be nearly as difficult as some pieces of this period (Omega 33.3 and UG Compax cal 287, looking at you).


This example is ridiculously strong. For an early YG alloy, there are not many markings on the case. All the triple steps are proud and unblemished. Its dial is only lightly patinated with minimal sun spots. I adore the uncorroded blued steel hands. The movement looks strong, I see nothing out of place and no visible corrosion. The only point of note to make is that I believe these are fixed spring bar situations, which may limit your strap choice. A small price to pay for such a lovely chronograph.

Find this Cyma here from @mh1717 on Instagram by DM for 4000 USD.

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