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Certina DS2 Super PH1000M 5801.302


Summer is hot on our heels and there may be no better vintage diver to see you through it than this lemon drop. Attention for Certina has been growing steadily the last few years. Pieces are starting to surface in the market as increased demand attracts a higher valuation. Recently there was this more subtle PH200M, and before that a lovely 5601 DS. The Super PH1000M is to Certina what the Sea-Dweller is to the Submariner: everything you love with a little extra insanity.


DS referred to double security. The movement was to be secured against water and shock resistance through both a rubber insulating cushion and the behemouth 44.5mm case you see here. The PH1000M was released after the PH200M (PH standing for Pression Hydrostatique, or depth to us Neanderthals) and PH500M. Those two watches, though mainly the 500M, were used in the Tektite I experiments where four aquanauts spent 60 days underwater. Largely forgotten, the sciencific endeavour was news-worthy at the time. How news has fallen. I digress. The PH1000M was used in the Tektite II continuation experiment. I highly recommend reading further here, as the modules, living conditions, experiments, and outcomes are all fascinating. For what its worth, it cemented the reputation and street cred of one otherwise gorgeous lemon-yellow diver. It is also worth noting here that Certina was not running Valjoux or ETA, even in 1970 they were vertically integrated.


These divers don’t show up often in such strong condition. The hands are wholly lumed, dial legible. The indices and white handset surrounds are not perfect, but I suspect this watch has been used as intended. It is possible the case has seen some polish but retains its original shape well. Let’s give it a little breathing room for not ageing quite as well as . . .let’s say Kristen Scott Thomas. On the whole this is an excellent example. If you’re over Doxa or just want to explore a darker depth of vintage divers, this is a great and lighthearted start.

Find this Super PH1000M here from Watch Garage here for 2600 EUR.

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