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Big-Triangle Eberhard Scafograf 300


If last round’s Nivada Datomaster represents one of the most niche enthusiast chronographs ever produced, surely this is the diver’s equivalent. The Submariner and Fifty Fathoms are generally regarded as the world’s foremost early dive watches. However, Doxa, Gruen, Breitling, and this Eberhard were all there from the very start. Despite that truth, few outside the most nerdy watch collector sets will be aware of the name Scafograf.


This is not for lack of merit, rather marketing. Only 100 examples of Eberhard’s first diver, the Scafograf 100, were produced in 1958. None were swimming the English channel, on the wrist of Cousteau, or strapped to exploratory submersibles. Eberhard missed a rather crucial design component in that model, the rotating bezel. The 100’s bezel was fixed. Yet, what that design lacked in variable timing it made up for with distinct oversized triangle-shaped indices. Shortly thereafter followed the Scafograf 200 with a rotating bezel in, you guessed it, 200 examples.


In 1965 came this, Eberhard’s most storied and famed dive offering. The Scafograf 300 included twisted lugs, an eccentric asymmetrical date window, a thin crown (for case-based guarding), and quirky handset. Its 42mm case houses a modified Ebel calibre 214. This example sports an uncommon dial made with a radium design, but executed with tritium, complete with double T signature. While production of the 300 was not limited, the Scafograf in any guise is not a common watch. Collectors have increasingly been seeking out Scafografs as the exploration into more obscure, dimly lit corners of horology has proceeded in lock step with scholarship. That’s no bad thing, as this bewitching diver has deserved fame for some time.


This example has been looked after. The dial is completely original and I would never change that. The tritium is partially degraded but in an even tone. No serious marks or corrosion on the dial. Printed scripts clear. Its handset has been professionally relumed to match the dial. The case is full and sharp. Bezel is missing the tritium triangle. Often these are in far worse shape. It comes from a well-regarded private collector.

Find this Scafograf 300 here on Omega Forums or on Instagram by DM for 8500 EUR.

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