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An honest Tudor 9411/0 Snowflake


The ‘snowflake’ sub is increasingly a classic. It’s like a 5513, but you’d have to actually be into watches to either own or notice one. That obscurity, when tethered to real watchmaking and history, is charm I go weak for. However, lemon-lume 9411s and MN milsubs are growing more expensive by the day, it’s worth considering the base original. I wouldn’t wear an MN on the daily for fear of bashing it or worse, theft. But I would wear this 9411. Every damn day. The classic black on tritium snowflake will never go out of style. In fact, it’s just entering peak appreciation.


Unappreciated upon release, it has been on a slow and steady rise of popularity since. The Snowflake generation of Tudor Sub is really where they branched in design from Rolex. This is really the birth of the experimental sibling vibe. The snowflake hands have been echoed in the Black Bay and Pelagos, but this was genesis.


The example here today has a strong case, dial, bezel. Those three look like the day it left the factory. The hour hand has a crack in the lume. If you can deal with that, it’s a gorgeous and original submariner that will see you through another 50 years. The most beautiful thing about this sub is that there are no stereotypes that come along with it. But this Tudor if you love watches, not if you couldn’t care less about status symbols.

Find this Snowflake Submariner here on Chrono24 for 10500 USD

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