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A Perfect 2913 Omega Seamaster 300


Finding any of the original Omega trilogy in decent condition is a tall order these days. Second only the 2915 in terms of difficult is this beauty, the 2913 Seamaster 300. While the Submariner is arguably more recognizable, this original Seamaster is no less important or attractive. Although the reference may seem approachable enough, it’s a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There are eight iterations of the model and no book like Moonwatch Only to help guide you through a search. But the end result is worth it. Just a glimpse of a 2913 in the metal is enough to raise the heart rate of even the most jaded collector.


The 50s were a time of huge innovation in dive watches and Omega was not about to miss the figurative or literal boat. Following the Fifty-Fathoms and Submariner, the Seamaster 300 was released alongside the Speedmaster and Railmaster as professional’s pieces–each set to accomplish a certain goal. The 2913 shaped Omega’s dive design and movement for generations to come. They came remarkably close to a home run in their first outing. It may have only been officially rated to 200 meters, but hey, we all overestimate our length when in a pinch.


This example is a level you dream about if you’ve been searching for some time. The dial is aged, but not damaged in the least. The case is completely unpolished. The Naiad crown is present. Its only possible detraction is that the bezel is not original (but it is, nonetheless, correct). You would never know. The watch shows little tarnishing considering age. This is nearly as good as it gets.

Find this 2913 here from Subdial for 10450 GBP.

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