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A Gilt, Ghosted Tudor 7928 Rose Submariner


The classic four digit Tudor Submariner has never looked better than it does today. No date, gilt, and a rose dial to die for. Although the apple didn’t fall far from the Rolex 5513 tree, there’s some intangible appeal to Tudor’s alternative offering which is even stronger. This is particularly the case when examples are as well preserved and lovely as we see today.


Tudor’s Submariner line began in 1954 with the 7922. This 7928 came into the picture in 1959 with several upgrades. The depth rating doubled, crown guards were added, and new more legible dial was designed. Its Fleurier 390 is a simple but robust powerhouse. There’s no mistaking the tool-appeal on offer here. This watch has all the ethos of modern Sinn, half a century earlier. The purposeful design has carried through today in Tudor’s lineup, perhaps most so in the Pelagos.


This one is a keeper. There’s a strong case with stout lugs and crown guards. Its dial has lume to die for and a fully visible gilt ring. The rose and fonts are all super clear. Perhaps its most attractive individual aspect is the ghosted grey-blue aluminum bezel, a result of age and sun exposure. The watch is fitted with a Mexican Joskes jubilee that really suits the alternative vibes. An all around champion of a diver.

Find this 7928 here from Bulang & Sons for 14900 EUR.

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