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869109/01 Universal Genève Polerouter Sub


Though the Polerouter is probably best known in its Deluxe or Jet guise, the Sub is an equally competent vintage value. Introduced first in EPSA Super Compressor form, the Sub went on to live a long and illustrious run of references. That is, as long as any UG line can be said to have been around. This second generation crack at the Sub included some of the most quirky font selections ever to adorn a dial. In addition, the asymmetric case became a more traditional diver’s form with rotating bezel and even cyclops. There’s a lot to love here. So let’s, ahem, dive on in (kill me for that, I deserve it).


The Polerouter Sub took Universal’s lauded pilot’s offering and made it a beast of the seas. The dial was a highly legible affair with trapezoidal hands, trapezoidal cyclops (one of the coolest details ever), trapezoidal indices, tritium, a huge acrylic crystal dome, oversized crown, and all the charm one could hope for. Bezels varied from a countdown to count-up with no apparent date range for either to my knowledge.


Importantly, the cal-69 micro rotor remained, as defiantly innovative in this application as it was for the early Polerouter. This relatively thin calibre allowed a relatively thin case in the Polerouter, though here this dive case is shared across the Titus Calypsomatic and Technos Sky Diver. The lugs wrap very aggressively downward, allowing this 37mm case to wear even slighter than one would expect. The original five-link Gay Freres bracelet we see on this example is supremely comfortable, I have had the opportunity to have one on wrist. Moreover, this example is said to have been purchased out of one of the most thoughtful collectors on this platform, @bazamu, before being sold by this private collector.


This example is honest. Its dial is original and just lightly patinated. The tritium plots in its dial are some of the most yellow I have ever seen. Not cream or honey, just yellow; almost a bit bizarrely so. The case is sharp, with no hints of a polish to my eye. Its crystal is original as can be seen by the trapezoid cyclops. Its bracelet is original. It is said to have been serviced in 2016 and running well. It comes from a private collector out of California.

Find this Polerouter Sub here on r/watchexchange for 8000 USD.

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