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76100 ‘Snowcone’ Tudor Submariner


Neo-vintage is not just collectable in Patek, VC, or AP; the era has more practical offerings as well. One, largely unsung, is the transitional 76100 Tudor sub. The reference was in production for just a few years in the mid-to-late 80s, but the 94110 ‘Snowflake’ of the same period stole majority limelight. That’s just a little unjust. The 76100 has its own unique charm as well. Its claim to fame? The only Tudor Sub to ever have a ‘snowcone’ handset, a large mercedes-styled handset without the pointed star in its hour hand. Very nuanced, very Rolex. But also beautiful and functional, thank god for the 90s.


The Tudor Submariner may share the coronet’s case and triplock crown, but the remainder is a thing all its own. Tudor Shield, distinct fonts, unique plots, and ETA 2824. The similarities to the synonymous Rolex are too obvious to point out, yet to those who study details the distinction is significant. Moreover, while this example is black with cream indices, Tudor did also produce a blue variant. One cannot imagine Rolex, even in that era, doing similar.


Moreover, there is inter-reference variation to study as well. Early examples will display what has come to be known as the ‘snowcone’ hour hand, while latter production switched over the classic Mercedes handset. Despite the low production volume, the 76100 is still attainable relative to peers. It is a watch firmly in the domain of the studied enthusiast, as it is not a sub one purchases accidentally. And a value no less.


This example sports an incredible case, full bevels, sharp transitions. Its dial is clear of damage and the tritium plots match beautifully. Light signs of oxidation on handset steel. Original acrylic crystal, bezel still dark black. It comes on a date matched bracelet from a private collector out of Chicago, running well.

Find this 76100 here on r/watchexchange or from @tickingtimehomme on IG for 7600 USD.

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