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503.010 Sinn EZM1 AR


Those who explore the very extremities which modern tool watches have to offer will very often zero-in on Sinn. While there are watches which can dive deeper, watches with greater shock resistance, and and watches with higher legibility, Sinn consistently place themselves at the center of the correct Venn-diagrams for their clientele. Germans don’t mess around, and there’s a reason why various special forces, tactical police teams, military divers, firefighters, and even astronauts have all chosen Sinn.


Yet, even within all Sinn, the EZM1 is lore. Developed in tandem with the Zentrale Unterstützungsgruppe Zoll (the SWAT team of Germany’s customs authority), it sported multiple practical advantages over traditional chronographs. Perhaps most notably, the crown and pusher were placed on the reverse ‘left hand’ case side in order to free a few more millimeters of unrestricted wrist articulation. The case was executed in sandblasted titanium for a robust yet lightweight presence. The dial, characteristically, was designed for one thing and one thing along: maximized legibility. It succeeded in that aim, perhaps better even than many pilot’s offerings today.

But that’s only dusting the surface of engineering on force here. The case included a copper sulphate capsule. The chemical is hugely hygroscopic, meaning any moisture which entered the case would be incorporated in to its crystalline chemical structure. Then, the watch case itself was filled with inert Argon gas to prevent oxygen corrosion and water entrance. Lastly, they managed to tweak a diver’s EPSA compressor case design to be 300m water resistant as a chrono, without screw-down pushers. Perhaps most telling of this chronograph’s philosophy, however, was the choice of Lemania 5100 base. It provided robust construction and ultimate legibility, as the chronograph scales are read off the main dial with no subregisters. Undoubtedly, the EZM1 was masterfully engineered to purpose.


This example is in excellent shape. The case is strong as you’d expect. The bezel is as well. This one has not been beat upon. Generally, collectors consider the 3H dial variant of this first-generation EZM1 more desirable for its yellow tritium. The Ar-signed used Superluminova which will not degrade comparably. As such, this watch looks near to the day it left the factory and is a comparative value. It comes with a full set from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this EZM1 here from S Song for 8400 USD.

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