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3-6-9 ‘Explorer’ Big Crown 6200 Rolex Submariner


Just when you think vintage Rolex ‘barnfind’ possibilities have fully dried up, something like this happens. 6200 Submariners are not exactly common. They are so uncommon, in fact, that I’d wager most owners could name half of the other owners. What I am saying is this: there are only a handful of collectors with the requisite resources, vast knowledge, and Rolex penchant that this reference demands. The community of Rolex collectors who are this hardcore know each other. So when a 6200 crops up for sale from the original owner’s family, there’s a small and justifiable frenzy.


The last 6200 I remember moving came from Philips and was offered in similar circumstances though poorer condition. The market has clearly changed a bit since. This reference has become colloquially known as the king for Submariner collectors. That is simply an earned name for the complexity and effort in acquiring one. Physically speaking, there isn’t anything hugely out of the norm for Rolex. The case, big crown, explorer dial, and double digit bezel are all quite common. However, in this combination and reference they are very literally more than the sum of their parts.


This 6200 is in a truly beautiful state. The case is likely unpolished and worn lightly. Its gilt dial is aged honestly with all points of lume remaining. There is no serious discolouring or disintegration. The movement appears strong. All is original as presented. You already know about this watch if you’re marginally interested in 6200s. You may even be in the process of selling a holiday home to acquire it. But consider this an introduction if you’re not Rolex illuminati.

Find this 6200 Submariner here from Tropical Watch for 498550 USD.

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