Value Proposition: Nomos Lambda 175 Years Watchmaking LE

You haven’t missed anything; Nomos are not 175 years old. But watchmaking in the Glashütte region of Germany is, and that seems reason enough to release a beautiful limited edition which nods to the old ways. The Lambda is Nomos’s most advanced celebration of modern watchmaking—tethered to their Germanic bauhaus design. To thank Lange for his choice of locale, Nomos created an exclusive Lambda with a steel case and enamel dial. This is Nomos all grown up: flexing its watchmaking biceps, drinking vivaciously, ready to pick a fight . . .and yet, this Lambda never really caught on.

In 2013, Nomos announced a new movement. The movement was to be made in the traditional German way, oversize rubies with gold chatons, blued screws, and a hand-engraved bridge—all with a new echelon of finishing. To balance this effort, the original Lambdas were released in precious metal. While it may not seem that visually different, this LE is a large departure from the standard piece. Its case is realized in steel for the first time. It is also a perfect size at 40.5mm. All previous versions were only offered in a 39 or 42mm. The glossy enamel dial is a nice nod to the old methods of production. The hands are still razor thin, the dial instrumentation just as bauhaus as we’ve come to love from Nomos. Its manual DUW 1001 does deserve some spilled ink: the level of finishing is something you would not expect at this price point. The only real equivalent comes from just down the road in Glashütte. I particularly adore the hand engraved inscription, in German: Lovingly Produced in Glashütte.

There is nothing unattractive in design or execution of the Lambda. However, they have not sold massively. The result is a secondhand buyer’s market about as attractive as the seller’s housing market right now. These 175 Year LEs were offered in three colours, with 175 examples per colour. That is a proper limited release. The model is exchanging hands for a fraction over the standard. I would confidently declare the 175 a value. This example was only purchased in 2020. It appears to have not seen much, or careful, wear. Light scuffs are all that is pictured. Nothing is out of order and it comes with a full set.

Find this 175 Years Lambda here on Chrono24 from a private seller for 7500 USD.