Tiffany-Signed Triple Six Sea Dweller

Some collectors go gaga for haute complication. Others prefer a good tropical dial. But there’s an entire category of watch addicts who just like double-signed dials: Serpico, Beyer, Gubelin, and above all Tiffany. But not all Tiffany dials are created equally. Tiffany Sea Dwellers are substantially rarer than subs. Tiffany triple sixes (my preference of Sea Dweller reference) may as well be classed non-existant.


This is why I present a simple signed reference here today. It will be some time before you see another. And this example comes with a crisp case, bracelet, and box (all from a trusted retailer). For this rare priviledge, however, be prepared to spend a small fortune.

Find this Tiffany 16660 here from Tempus in Padua, Italy for ~50000 USD.

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