Opera Exotic Diver 10470

I live for fun dials. My life is sad, I am aware. But nonetheless, I cannot hide my enthusiasm for this ultra-outrageous 1970s diver from Opera watches. I know nothing about Opera other than that they created some shouty divers from ETA bases in the mid 70s. This 2783-base example incorporates a 38mm case, domed acrylic crystal, exotic three-colour dial, and aluminium bezel. There’s not much more I can add besides the observable. It seems like most previous sellers found the same lack of information, as no one really commented on the history of Opera. Here’s what I will say: this is a lovely and very fun diver which offers astounding value for money, particularly in vintage. Additionally, if you were concerned by history, there is a background story somewhere waiting to be discovered.

Find this Opera Diver here from Those Watch Guys for 575 USD.