One Seamaster to Rule them All

There are more accurate, more ornate, and more complicated Seamasters. But there isn’t a more significant Seamaster than this military 165.024 T-dial. This is a watch that is invisible to almost everyone. No one will mug you for it in East London. But if you know, you really know.

This mil-spec Seamaster varies from the commercial model in three ways: a circled T on the dial (to indicate Tritium), fixed spring-bar case, and an engraving on the back. The 0552 seen on this example indicates that it was issued to the Royal Navy in 1969. This has been confirmed by Omega and this watch ships with an Extract of Archive.

The T-dial military Seamasters are rare. Really, properly rare. All we know is that this is a watch which served its country. The intervening years remain a mystery. But we know it’s tough, it survived. The lumed even survived without cracking—it’s a beautiful example. But when you think of what this watch has been through it’s doubly gorgeous. Condition doesn’t really matter to the value of these pieces much but this one is exceptional and documented. Considering that multiple examples have auctioned above 80000 GBP, it’s even fairly priced.


Aside from the history and rarity, I think the aggressive appeal for me is the invisibility. If you know watches, you’d lose your shit seeing one of these in the wild. It requires background knowledge to be properly enjoyed, and isn’t that just why we all got in to this bizzare world?

Find this Military Seamaster 300 here from Xupes for 75000 GBP.