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Waterproof Spacewear: De Bethune DB28GS


The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève does not fuck around. Their Aiguille d’Or Award, or ‘Golden Hand’ (best watch of the year to us unilingual peasants . . .also shouldn’t it be golden wrist?), is one of the highest honours a piece of metal can receive. I can remember having a casual interest in watches and hearing of this thing called a De Bethune way, way back in 2011. This was right around the time I was forming as an impressionable, budding watch addict. Let’s just say the monolithic image of this spaceship-looking independent award-winner stayed with me. I’ve wanted to feel its articulating case against my wrist since. Today, one of the rarer waterproof sporty titanium variants is on the market.


The DB28 is haute horology. This DB28GS is haute horology you can take kayaking (if you or anyone you know has ever done that please reach out). The waterproof 44mm titanium case still incorporates its full-length articulated lugs the model has become known for and a parachute shock-absorbing system. It also uses rubber straps, not exotic animal for a completely comfortable experience. This isn’t what you think of when you think summer watch. This is De Bethune’s idea of a summer watch. Does intergalatic space have a summer? Probably not. Yet, this exists. Thank god for that.


The manually wound Calibre DB2115 has a six day reserve through a twin barrel. The standard ridiculous ‘microlight’ De Bethune finishing is also on display through the face and rear. The bridges, mainplate, and balance are all beautifully exposed. One glance is enough to make a Rolex collector question why they care about ‘meters first’.


This example is as one would hope. Produced in 2016, I can see very little to no observable wear. The watch comes with a full set from the most trusted name around right now.

Find this DB28GS here from Phillips Perpetual for 60000 GBP.

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