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Vacheron Constantin 43032 Patrimony Perpetual


Describing to watch-civilians the mechanical distinction between a triple, annual, and perpetual calendar while watching their mind grapple with the complexity of the problem is one of the subtle joys of our obsession. This is assuming they are interested and/or you have them hostage; not everyone will appreciate the difference and it’s your responsibility to shut up in those cases. However, on rare occasion, a perpetual calendar watch will do all the talking for you. Such is the case with the neo-vintage 43032, a VC perpetual cased in 38mm platinum with some of the most finely executed skeletonization you will ever see. 


Skeletonizing is precisely what it sounds like: reducing a watch’s dial, plates, and even bridges to their necessary structures. That is to say, the bare bones of its architecture. The results are frequently decorated within an inch of their lives as the effort required in such a process, when done properly, is huge. The effect is multiplied when applied to something of high complication like this VC perpetual Patrimony. The complication was reintroduced at the end of the quartz crisis as a sort of way to celebrate the artistry of mechanics and tether mechanical wristwatches to handmade luxury. Thankfully, it’s resurrection is now popularized and a standard for haute manufactures.


If you wanted to be convinced of the quality, the one unskeletonized component of this perpetual, its moonphase, is rendered in solid lapis lazuli. The rest is brushed, anglaged, black-polished, and striped. The finishing standard on display here is second to none; a casual reminder that for a watch to be spectacular it does not require a rattrapante, equation of time, or minute repeater. The 1120QP is ‘just’ an ultra-thing automatic perpetual based on the JLC 920 that does time telling with exceptional style.


This example comes with little visible wear. Its 38mm platinum case has just the lightest of surface wear. The rest is perfect. It comes with a full set from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this 43032 here From A Collected Man for 85000 GBP.

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