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Titanium Stormtrooper: Ming 18.01 H41 Diver


If the JJ Abrams generation of stormtrooper were a watch, this Ming would be it. It’s a modern throwback, back and white, and mean yet cute. While Ming hasn’t really been slow to evolve, I don’t think any of us really saw a dive watch coming last year. The release was a pleasant surprise and one that felt as though it cemented Ming’s visual design language. The tapered hands, lollipop seconds, and alternating single/double indices feel distinct in a way no other watch does. One of the hardest things for a young brand to do, aside from getting anyone to actually care, is establish a design language that is recognizable. Ming has that today, and this Ming has even more.

I love how audacious Ming have become in just a few short years. This watch displays that tenacity. They innovate everywhere except the mechanics and that’s fine by me. In time, they will develop a more appropriate and personal caliber, but as a young buck they’re doing just fine.


I’ll leave it to Fratello to fill you in on the details, they probably went deeper than anyone on their initial article. The watch had a spike above MSRP but is now on its way back down. There’s a wait if you want yours new, so being patient in the secondary market is probably the sensible option here. This example is a full set in excellent condition. The case is unmarked as far as I can tell. The piece is located in Austria from an unknown private party.


Find this H41 Diver here on Chrono24 for 6356 USD.

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