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Sky’s not the limit: De Bethune DB25 Starry Varius


Since the mediocrity of releases peddled by most Richmonte, Swatch, LVMH, and other mainstream conglomerates, independents have begun to takeover the role of truly creative watchmaking. Trust Rolex to make the Submariner .3mm larger. Trust Omega to celebrate a 1/4 year since Buzz Aldrin shaved with a Speedmaster LE. Trust Max Büsser to get drunk and put a panda riding on top of an HM4 like some pod racer in prequel star wars films. Trust De Bethune to make space ships for the wrist. Moreover, trust them for spacey dials and brave names. I love the madness independents provide us, and this DB25 is a prime example.


De Bethune has created a truly distinct and individual design language in their dials, cases, and movements. That is quite an accomplishment for such a relatively young manufacture. Moreover, everything they create reeks of passion. This whimsically titled Starry Varius is a modern DB25 rendition, featuring a titanium case, new lugs, and a polished blue titanium night sky dial with our milky way at a distance. There are no complications to obstruct the simple, raw, pure artisan watchmaking. Its DB2005 caliber features a 6 day reserve, with the unique spaceship plate design they’ve become renown for.


Rather interestingly, this specific DB25 was ordered to have silver hands in place of gold to better match the titanium case. Although it’s not a huge shift, that spot of extra attention to detail and uniqueness makes this quite a tasty proposition. Aside from that, it is as it came from De Bethune. The case is unmarked, crystal too. It comes with a full set and warranty.

Find this DB25 Starry Varius here from S. Song for 52000 USD.

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