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‘Panama Canal’ 16610 Rolex Submariner


It’s often said that modern Rolex do not produce limited run dial signatures. This is mostly true, those efforts get diverted through Tudor more often than not these days. However, the era where Rolex would allow a foreign entity to sign 6 ended later than you may think. To commemorate the transfer of the Panama Canal from the US to Panamanian ownership in 1999, Rolex produced 75 steel Submariners (and 75 two-tone) where the Panama Canal logo was placed at 6 instead of the depth rating. This kind of dial signature almost never happened that late.


In fact, in the modern era, there are basically just two dial-signed Rolex divers that would be considered apex predators of the deep. They are this, and the 2008 Italian State Police Diving Unit Sea-Dweller which sports an octopus signature at 9. Both rarely surface, one a year if that. For the sake of pedants, I’ll include an honorable mention of the ‘A Polizia di Stato’ and Comex as well. This Panama edition was numbered by caseback engraving in series, the two tone and steel both XX/75, this example is number 56 of the steel series.


This example sports a particularly sharp case, still with caseback sticker applied. Expectedly, the dial is perfect. The bracelet has little stretch. It comes from a well-regarded Miami retailer.

Find this Panama Canal 16610 here from Menta Watches for 92500 USD.

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