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Kurono Tokyo Anniversary Mori Green


Hajime Asaoka’s sub-brand Kurono Tokyo started with a bang in 2019. No matter what you think of the recent trend of independent sub-brands, the ground Kurono have covered in a very short time is remarkable. In two short years, they have left a true imprint on the collecting public’s consciousness. Through a series of very well-designed and thoughtfully planned limited releases, it’s fair to say they are now an established player in the highly competitive 5-10K space. That effort alone deserves celebration. This Green Mori is a watch made precisely to do just that.


For a quick rundown on Hajime Asaoka’s background, take a look at this previous piece on the JDM Bullseye. Here, I’d just like to call out how on point this design is. To commemorate one year and a successful brand launch, Asaoka took the art-deco Mori to a new level. The dial’s metallic green tones didn’t need a story about spring, emerald, or bamboo to back them up. Asaoka, probably aware of the lambasting GS sometimes receives, effectively just said ‘hey, here’s a limited green watch for you and cheers to one year.’ It’s like when you ask someone about a tattoo only to be told, ‘I just thought it looked damn cool.’ That’s reasoning enough. The one year celebratory Mori was sold for a brief period of time and the final production run was 288 pieces.


This example is said to have only been worn once and I find that believable. The provided photography shows no points of wear. It is sold with a full set from a private Swiss party.

Find this Green Mori here on Chrono24 for 7423 USD.

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