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Haute Daily: FP Journe Octa Sport Rattrapante


Casual FP Journe is an oxymoron. Nonetheless, this rattrapante was an attempt at just that. If there is an unloved Journe category, the Line Sport is probably it. The centigraphe is remarkable for its complication and abilities, it occasionally sees mention. Yet, despite some others looking like lemondrops, they all don’t really get much limelight. But like other piece of Journe’s work, they are exceptional in their own way. This Octa Sport Rattrapante uses material science and obsessive movement design to create an accurate, practical, and daily-wearable slice of haute horology.


This 44mm titanium rattrapante was introduced to Journe’s Octa line in 2018. The design sports some unique details. Its case has hard rubber bumpers on its extremeties, mirrored in the bracelet. This rubber is placed to anticipates the shocks, knocks, and abuse that comes from daily wear. Although the case and bracelet are realized in titanium, that theme carries through the dial (which is a wafer of aluminium) and movement. The fonts utilized on its bezel, indices, and subregisters are all classically FP Journe. I particularly love how all their fonts feel like they came right out of an original printing of Alice in Wonderland.


The same could be said of its manually wound rattrapante chronograph movement, which incorporates a rocking pinion to remove the jump of the seconds hand which most chronographs suffer from. Despite the 285 part count, it comes in at just 6.80mm high. The caliber 1518 is realized in aluminum for outright weight savings, much like the external philosophy. It features the highest levels of finishing and an 80 hour reserve.

There is very little to comment with regard to condition. This is a watch designed to be lightly abused and yet this example has hardly seen wear. Its hardened titanium case and rubber show no real wear. The sapphire on both front and back are clear, unmarked. It comes with a full set from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this Octa Sport Rattrapante here from Watch 4 Moi for 73000 USD.

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