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Fiona Krüger’s Memento Mori


I often lament just how structured and predictable most Swiss watchmaking has become. Rolex increased the case size of the newest sub by .3mm and the media thought this was actually a story. That lazy attitude is what makes pieces like Ms Krügers work, and other independents, all the more special. You’ll never see someone purchase one explicitly to make an investment. These are watches you buy because you love them.


Fiona Krüger began at Edinburgh’s College of Art and created her first wristwatch as a degree capstone project. The watch’s aesthetic was modeled after the bright, colorful, and somewhat morbid aesthetic of the Day of the Dead. It was called the Memento Mori. The case caught the media’s attention and it’s no surprise why: there’s nothing else like it. Fiona designed the watch very much for a woman and not a girl. She was frustrated by the ladies’ pieces with small cases and pink dials. This was a rebuttal in full: The design is bold, bright, and well-executed.


This is the second generation of her brand’s wristwatch, now called Petit Skull. These watches utilize off the shelf TT738 movements, but every piece is decorated by hand to create something more akin to pop art than mechanical art. The 35mm highly oblong case is highly decorated in every detail. And that’s perfect by me, because what we need now more than ever are fresh takes and new approaches.

Find this Petit Skull Eternity here from Veralet for 19000 USD.

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