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Finnish Finesse: Sarpaneva Korona K0 Northern Lights


I like misfits. As a guide to life, they are generally more embracing of themselves and interesting. Granted, one could say all smackheads are also misfits. The rule is not absolute. In watchmaking, there are monolithic corporations like Richemont or Swatch. Then there are the established independents: think Journe, Dufour, RW Smith, etc. Finally, there are the niche independents. Though they don’t have a monopoly, in my estimation this is where the bulk of boundless creativity resides. One madman doing god’s work in this sector is our feature today: Stepan Sarpaneva.


You may recall I highlighted a very limited SUF a few months ago. That field watch was the attractive offspring of this unique behemouth. Finland is not known for its watches. It’s known to me for its famed library readership and coffee consumption, amongst other things. That hasn’t stopped Stepan. He gained fame largely for putting his own face on the moonphase complication but backed it up through serious watchmaking, having trained under Vianney Halter, Christophe Claret, and Kari Voutilainen. The designs are as wild as one could hope with scalloped cases, texturized or machined dials, and generous use of luminous material. The purity of niche independents is the completeness of vision. One man can imagine, design, engineer, and create a singular vision. Perhaps that is overly romantic, but the singleminded-ness of approach seems tangible when you pay close attention.

The K0 is one of Sarpaneva’s earliest expressions. The model is his sporting offering, despite looking like an exhibition of design and manufacturing. The angular 46mm case is hand crafted in Helsinki and offers 300m water resistance. This particular dial was inspired by the Northern lights and features an entirely luminous, black badger-developed, green sector dial. The model was limited to eight pieces. Its movement is a heavily-modified Swiss Soprod A10, a ETA 2892 alternative. The caliber performs its job as required. Sarpaneva’s genius is not focussed in mechanics, the brand derives its strength from personality and design (in my humble opinion, of course).


This example sports a few light marks from frequent wear with no substantial hits. It comes with its original box, cloth, and certificate of authenticity from one of the most established modern retailers, ACM.

Find this K0 Northern Lights here from A Collected Man for 11850 GBP.  

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