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Early Double-Signed Era Grand Seiko SBGR003


There’s something very majestic about Grand Seiko’s double-signed era. After the SBGR305 introduced GS-only signature dials, independence was solidified. Before that, times were more uncertain. There is a certain lack of confidence or perhaps humility that the double signature implies. A large Seiko at 12 is stealth. If you know watches, you’ll clock the lower GS stamp. If not, that’s fine. This is a watch made simply to be enjoyed and appreciated by its owner. Nothing more, nothing less.


The SBGR003 is a simple automatic date. It doesn’t incorporate spring drive, it isn’t a hi-beat, and there’s no dial inspired by the twelfth leaf that falls in may. It is a simple, unpretenious, perfectly-executed daily wearer. The case still features its beveled Zaratsu surfaces and classic brushing. A cream, textured dial is contrasted by Zaratsu indices and an uncharacteristic steel seconds seconds hand. If you like Grand Seiko and collect their modern releases, it might be worth taking a glance at the back catalogue.


This example seems to have been safed. The case, bracelet, and clasp show little discernable wear. Its dial is unpatinated. The display backs of this time case wear quickly, this one shows nothing. It comes with a full set from a well-known retailer.

Find this SBGR003 here from Subdial for 2490 GBP.

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