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Doxa Sub 200 T-Graph Reissue


I present to you today a watch which is rare for very different reasons. It is a desirable modern release being retailed by Analog Shift at a reasonably competitive asking price. I jest. But, nonetheless, I speak truth. The Sub 200 T-Graph was released in 2019 by Doxa as a modern reissue of the 1968 200 T Graph, of which 300 orange examples were made. Coincidentally, a slightly rough original one is for sale today, but at an aggressive 13K USD. This beautiful modern interpretation is less than 1/3 of that. And its no less lovely.


Limited to 300 pieces, like the original, this 2019 200 T-Graph features verbatim design hallmarks of the original. The handset is comparable, its dial feels like a clone, and even the bezel is notched out and colored similarly. In fairness to Doxa, nothing really needed changing. This model is powered by a Valjoux 7734 with a 45 hour reserve. What truly appeals about the reedition to me is the practicality. I wouldn’t risk an original 200 T Graph in a hotel pool. This, on the otherhand, I would feel comfortable using hard in and out of the ocean. That’s worth its weight in . . . well, steel I guess.


This example has seen some wear but not abuse. The back shows all the light marks of daily wear. Is edges are still sharp. The dial is perfect as one would expect from a two year old watch. Everything is correct and it comes with a full set. As I mentioned in the introduction, it is quite fairly priced. I find this impressive and refreshing for the recently acquired Analog Shift. Credit where it’s due.

Find this 200 T-Graph Reissue here from Analog Shift for 4800.

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