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Brass Movement, White Gold Dial FP Journe Octa Lune


Few manufactures have such a harsh delineation between early and latter models as the renown FP Journe. Sure, as a counterpoint, Rolex produced early dials in gilt radium and later transitioned toward tritium. But that’s just a detail. Journe shifted the entire foundation of their movement from brass to gold after an estimated 2000 examples. All brass movements were part of the early years from 2001 to 2004. Can you imagine how collectible a neo-vintage Patek would be if they shifted all production to gold around the new millennium? Collectors of François-Paul have only just begun snatching up brass movements in the last few years. Without wishing to comment on value, I suspect we are at the dawn of a niche. 


The Octa Lune is a discreet, classic 38mm Journe. A contraction of octa, latin for infinite (read: automatic) and lune (read: moon-phase indication), the model incorporates a 120-hour reserve and shock system for daily use ability. That massive reserve is accomplished through a meter-long mainspring with limited torque, quite a trick bit of engineering. FP Journe is highly-regarded for many reasons, but one of them is that he likes to design his movements to be fully-integrated within the same volume for all references. This maintains classic proportions like we see here.


In addition, there are his signature flourishes like a rope-wound crown, ‘Invenit et Fecit’ (invented and made) signature, and an early-production dial here which tends to oxidize mildly over time. Yellow and white gold dials were used exclusively in pre-gold movement Journes. The white golds have a tendency to oxidize toward yellow and the yellow gold dials tend to oxidize toward brown. This white gold dial is only just starting to turn. It is thought that only a handful of brass movement Octa Lunes exist from their 1999-2003 production.


The example shown here has only started to show that gold dial oxidation patina in the loveliest way. With more frequent wear, one can expect the same results we see plastered across Instagram. The polished platinum case is only showing remarkably light surface wear with full proportions as expected. The watch is sold with a full set and a rare full service history. 

Find this Octa Luna here from Watch4moi for 250000 USD.

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