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3357 Breguet Tourbillon in White Gold


Breguet: the name itself is enough to weaken the knees of those who care about history. Yet, when I said Breguet, what came to mind? Chances are it was one of two things: either the Marie-Antoinette pocket watch and other unimaginably unattainable relics of horology’s blossoming or things like the Chaumet-era 2310 chronographs. Perhaps even the 7027 if you love the old English style. Yet, the marque’s history is so much deeper (perhaps the most deep). We often forget that that depth is still operating today. Even in the modern era, the Breguet name lives on and does so true to the philosophies of the man himself in pieces like the magnetic 7727 and this: the 3357 Tourbillon.


The very first tourbillon complication was masterminded by A.L. Breguet. That complication runs rich in the Breguet vein. However, where wristwatches are concerned, Breguet were a bit late to the party. In 1988, they released the 3350 on the heels of the quartz crisis. It was a celebration of a return to form for the whole industry, if only after the battle was won. That wristwatch was in fact their first ever wrist-worn tourbillon and a welcome return to their rightful throne. What a return it was.


The Chaumet brothers, famously, maintained the classic watchmaking aesthetic in wrist format. This meant engine-turned dials, coin-edge cases, blued steel hands, and hand engraved details where possible. This design was made possible through a Lemania partnership-borne calibre 558 with details perfected by Daniel Roth. When Investcorp acquired Breguet, they rightly kept this movement and model in production, with a few design alterations like a lighter dial, signed crown, and altered dial signatures. Otherwise, this is a gem from the Roth era still enduring to uphold the Breguet name to this day.


This example has a strong overall condition. There is visible light surface wear on the highly polished case sections but no significant marring. The dial and movement are perfect. It comes with a wooden box and certificate of origin/warranty from one of the best.

Find this 3357 here from A Collected Man for 38000 GBP.

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