101.325 Lange 1 ‘Stealth’ PT on Wellendorff Bracelet

This is not an everyday occurrence, or even a yearly occurrence. Chances to pick up a Lange 1 are plentiful, even for rare variants like the early solid-back, Darth, or 1A. Chances to acquire a fully factory, fully platinum Wellendorff bracelet version with accompanying reference and documentation are vanishingly slim. Ordering this option and reference in 2007 (the production of this example) would’ve cost over double its leather equivalent. The sum was daunting and even today only a handful of these platinum bracelet references have ever seen the secondary market. It’s the familiar loved Lange 1, but with an entirely separate wrist presence.


When Lange as we know them today restarted in 1994, among their initial offerings was the ref 101.005, a 38.5mm platinum case Lange 1 with a silver dial. This monochromatic metallic offering was more quickly sold and collectors began to call it the ‘Stealth’, the second generation keeping the nickname in ref 101.025. For collectors, this combination is perhaps the most iconic Lange 1 spec and clearly suits the 1’s design, angelic in its golden ratio proportions. That’s all fine and well.


However, I now have the distinct privilege of writing about a bracelet whose construction deserves equal enthusiasm as the watch itself. Lange chose Wellendorff, a Pforzheim-based German jewelry maker of the highest pedigree. Wellendorff constructed multiple very unique bracelet designs for Lange, as they had previously performed at the request of Patek Philippe. Wellendorff no longer produce bracelets and the Lange 1 is no longer offered on a factory bracelet of any sort. If one wished to source a Wellendorff PT bracelet for a Stealth Lange 1 independently, they have sold over 60K USD for just the bracelet. All of which adds to the rarity of these earlier references, a different take on the Lange 1 now lost to time.

This watch is in spectacular condition; nearly unworn. The watch has never been worn daily in its life or serviced since 2007 production. Nothing is out of place. It comes with a full set from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this Wellendorff Lange 1 here from Wrist Icons for 110000 USD.

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