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1 of 500 Doxa Sub 300T Divingstar Poseidon


As nods to a vintage past go, this one is damn cool. The original 1970s Divingstar (the name given to yellow-dialed Doxa Subs) ‘Poseidon’ is a very, very rare thing. Poseidon were a Swedish dive gear company who created a run of 300Ts with Doxa and signed their dials for sale at shop. The rare flamboyant hue seems right at home on such a charming vintage throwback, well before Rolex released their similarly colored Stella OP. Doxa 300T wears small relative to the measurement, so don’t let its 42.5mm diameter throw you off. That robust case can handle 1200m of water resistance and includes the hallmark unidirectional, decompression sawtooth bezel. This reissue was all the rage in 2018, sold out quite quickly, and has faded into a bit of obscurity since. For what its worth, I find it a bit of a value today.


This example shows very light surface wear consistent with daily wear. The crystal is clear of large knocks. The seller is open to a few categorically adjacent pieces as trade. It comes with its full set from a private party out of Finland.

Find this 300T Divingstar Poseidon here on Watchuseek for 2300 EUR.

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