Lip-Signed Breitling 765 Co-Pilot

For a stretch of four months two years ago, I searched every single night for a 765 Co-Pilot. In time, I found just one. In the somewhat mad market conditions we have now, there are three currently on offer. I wrote about the first great example I came across recently a few weeks back. If you want the backstory of this incredible reference, check that out. The 765 offered today is that, just bit more special.

Under the Breitling Genève text, you will see a bolded LIP signature in a very 70s font. Lip was a once-large French watchmaker that slotted just below a Breitling or Rolex of the time. No compromise on quality but aimed toward the everyman (with then-modern, lighthearted design). In France, the name was popular enough that Blancpain and Breitling both sought out Lip to co-sign their dials—the thought being that the upmarket brands would retail more smoothly with name the public already trusted. This particular 765 is just that little bit more special above what is an already a very special reference.


For outright condition, this is a unique one. The piece has clearly been worn but not abused. The lume has yellowed aggresively, even reaching a golden beige in some regions. Likely, this is piece has spent decent time in the sun. This Co-Pilot may have actually been a Co-Pilot. Despite the hue shift, all markings are full and uncracked. The subdials have only slightly began to ‘rust’ into a light yellow sheen. Its case is strong (lightly polished?) and its bezel is painted. If I were buying, I would want to see the movement and caseback but you’ll have to sort that out. I trust its equally as strong as its face. The retailer here, @harborwatches out of Paris has an excellent reputation. It would make an exceptional addition to any pilot collection, particularly if you seek a French connection.

Find this 765 AVI here from Harbor Watches for 18400 EUR.