IWC Pilot’s Chronograph 150 Years LE

For all intents and purposes, IWC owns the modern pilot’s chronograph. Their original fliegerchronograph design changed little in the last in the last few decades. Ever the Germanic-Swiss manufacture, they took their time and got it right the first time. That painstaking attention has served them well in recent decades. IWC recently celebrated their 150th in 2018. As a thank you, the brand released a series of white lacquered dial limited editions from their 27 iconic designs. This 1000 run pilot is their most attractive since the 3705 to me—pure albino is sexy.

The heart of this LE is really its dial, which undergoes a process unique to this run. The glossy white dial was intended to be reminiscent of the very first IWC Pallweber pocket watches. The hommage dial was coated with 12 layers of a translucent lacquer, polished, brushed, and then printed. The level of finishing on this dial is something you’d typically expect to see at a much higher price range. That is not to say this watch is inexpensive in the least, only that it is (was) a strong value. The 150 year LEs were released alongside an entirely new wristwatch that paid hommage to the Pallwebers in design also. As a result, I think they were cast a bit out of the limelight. The new Pallweber saw the most attention. These more subtle, highly finished versions of the standard range really appeal and are not yet absurd money.

This example needs very little exposition. The watch is in a nearly unworn condition, the strap not even crinkled. Its back sticker is still attached and it comes with its original full set. The watch is sold through a well-trusted retailer.

Find this 150 Years Pilot’s Chronograph here from Kibble Watches for 5950 GBP.