1st Gen Universal Genève Polerouter Compressor Sub

Artifacts of #lockdownlife have proven completely unpredictable for me. I’m now convinced that I can speak French when drunk. I’ve been practicing a lot with a Parisian. She’s not impressed. More pertinently, in watches, I’ve gotten used to seeing historically very rare pieces surface in the market. I’m not sure I’ve heard a solid explanation why yet. What is clear is that there has been a horological boom in the midst of our pandemic. Some of us have gone broke, some of us have found new income. Sales are up. If you ask me, we’re all simply spending more time behind a screen. Whatever the cause, there’s churn in the market. So here’s one of the pandemic’s best: a (or rather, another) 1st gen EPSA Polerouter Sub Super Compressor (PSSC).

The PSSC comes with a proviso: you need know what you’re doing. The availability of EPSA cases and UG movements for Polerouters mean dial printers and general fuckery abound in this reference. There are many examples with franken-componentry or just outright fraud. In other words: read up.

That said, the effort is worth the reward. This is one of the rarest and most handsome UG models ever produced. It’s right up there with the Eric Clapton for me. If the highly legible dial, internal rotation bezel, modern 42mm case, and original bracelet don’t do it for you, the micro-rotor will. Nothing hits the spot like an early micro-rotor from the manufacture that invented it.

The example on offer here is very, very strong. The movement, dial, hands, case, crowns, back, and bracelet are correct as far as I can tell. The dial, importantly, is original and strong. The small tritium dots inside each indice are matched perfectly to the lume on its bezel and hands. The piece has seen some wear and weathering. Its case is quite sharp. The whole thing is a rarity. I wouldn’t let it slip if you’re truly after one.

Find this Polerouter Sub here (google iTools translated link) from Eguchi Clothing, Japan for ~20K USD.