The Hairspring began in September 2016 with a goal: to sift through the very best of the horology market to attract and bring closer together a community of collectors.

We’ve all had great experiences buying and selling watches. In my experience, the more personal an interaction is, the better the result. Since acquiring a humble Speedmaster in the mid-2000s, I became somewhat obsessed in collecting. After following this rabbit-hole to its depths, my next aim has been to constructively give back to the community in a small attempt to give some of the experience I’ve had back.

Horology is a beautiful microcosm of mechanical engineering, one which is still innovating in leaps and bounds. Seeking to understand or appreciate these works can be not only informative, but inspirational. Wristwatches, in particular, afford one the chance to subtly speak to their own values. The small world of those who know pick up on it. Being able to read those values in others is a rare and mediocre superpower at best, but a very amusing one. This is why we select features for interest, rather than ostentatious retail-price-peacocking. The watchmaking sphere is full of many dedicated, hard-working, and brilliant women and men who love their craft. The stories they have to tell live in their work, on our wrists.


Erik Gustafson